Canada’s record invitation to immigrants after COVID shortage is an “absolute shock”

If you are an immigrant living in Canada and looking for permanent residence, this may be your lucky year.

Canada has set a record for the number of skilled immigrants invited to apply for permanent residence each day as the government scrambles to cover the immigration shortage caused by COVID-19 and the associated travel restrictions. ..

On Saturday, February 13, the Immigration Bureau held the latest draw from the candidate pool and issued invitations for 27,332 people. This is five times the previous high of 5,000 for promising candidates who already live in the country.

The news surprised immigrant experts and applicants and made it a hot topic on social media, with experts tagging Canada’s #SaturdaySurprise.

“It was an absolute shock to everyone. Kareem El-Assal, Editor-in-Chief of Immigration News Site CIC News and Policy Director of, said:

But the plan is not without critics, and if Ottawa did not try to reach its immigration goals in the midst of a pandemic, the strategy could open the program to qualified people. It states that there is.

Applying for permanent residence is usually a long and competitive process.

Skilled immigrants who are interested need to create a profile in a government management system called Express Entry. There you will earn points such as age, language skills, educational background and work experience.

The highest ranked rankings are then invited by regular lottery to apply for immigration. The cutoff usually requires an individual’s minimum score of 400 points or higher, but the lowest ranked person invited in the latest round scored only 75 (the Immigration Bureau has the result of each draw). Is posted on the website).

This latest draw applies to people called Canada Experience Classes. In other words, they have worked in that country.

According to experts, relaxed requirements mean that some applicants whose scores are too low to be normally considered are encouraged to profile and test their luck. ..

“From now on until the next draw, more Canadian experience class candidates will be in the pool,” El-Assal said.

“If I’m in Canada now and meet the minimum requirements, I’m very likely to be invited, so I’ll submit my profile as soon as possible.”

Given the challenges posed by travel restrictions and reduced processing capacity, El-Assal hopes that immigration candidates from within Canada will continue to be prioritized before the Department of Immigration looks further abroad.

According to El-Assal, Canada planned to accept 340,000 new permanent residents in 2020, but eventually only 180,000 landed here. This is the lowest annual immigrant intake since 1998.

This year, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino planned to raise immigration levels to 401,000 in order to make immigrants part of Canada’s economic recovery after COVID-19.

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However, as the pandemic continues, overseas travel remains slow and immigrants accompany it.

Mark Holte, chair of the Immigration Division of the Canadian Bar Association, said Ottawa welcomed the move to move more temporary workers already in Canada to permanent residents over the weekend.

“They had to reach these large (immigrant) levels and were really hit last year. They thought the borders would be more open, but they weren’t. They were theirs. We are struggling to find a way to reach our goals, “said Mark Holte, Alberta-based immigration lawyer and chair of the Immigration Division of the Canadian Bar Association.

“This was a really great development. So many people, whether or not (foreign) students paid and worked here for hundreds of thousands of dollars, had a lot of time to come here in the first place. I’ve spent a lot of effort. They’re paying taxes. They’re contributing. They’re not in the handouts. “

In a news release, the Immigration Bureau said 90% of the 27,332 people invited to the round already live in Canada and have at least a year of work experience in Canada.

“This means they are not affected by current travel restrictions and do not face the same barriers as overseas applicants when collecting the necessary documents and undergoing criminal and medical screening,” he said. It was.

“Applicants who do not currently live in Canada will be able to travel once the restrictions are lifted.”

However, Toronto’s immigration lawyer Sergio Crow said trying to reach immigration goals by lowering standards is a “terrible” way to make policies.

Toronto's immigration lawyer Sergio Crow says the latest draw unfairly rewards low scorers. "I took a leaflet" He said he entered the pool even if he was unqualified, had poor language skills, and had poor job prospects.

He said the latest draw would unfairly reward low scorers who entered the pool “with a flyer”, even among qualified applicants who had yet collected documents and had not yet entered. The system loses even if they have poor qualifications, poor language skills and poor work prospects.

“The lottery turns a well-configured and predictable system into a lottery,” Karas said. “It makes the system worthless and game-playable.”

Immigration employees are still working from home, so he wonders if the department has the processing power of the large number of applications that come from this lottery without compromising processing time or quality of decisions. Did.

Richard Carland, an independent immigration policy analyst, said the system is agile and flexible to adapt to difficult environments under a pandemic.

“COVID has reduced the number of people registering with the system and lowering the passing score,” he said. “Now, the promotion (of this news) floods the system with new candidates. More people may register and pass again in case of two migrant lightning strikes. . “

Nicholas Keung is a Toronto-based reporter covering star immigrants. Follow him on Twitter: @nkeung

Canada’s record invitation to immigrants after COVID shortage is an “absolute shock”

Source link Canada’s record invitation to immigrants after COVID shortage is an “absolute shock”

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