Calgary’s mother encourages organ donation after a kidney transplant saves a young girl’s life-Calgary

For the two Calgary families, this was a unique Christmas season. They celebrated their joy, but they also experienced a broken heart this year because the saved life meant losing another life.

Calgary’s two mothers, who were strangers before this year, are now inseparable. And now we are sharing their story in the hope of encouraging others to become organ donors.

The story of Jessica and Maddy

Jessica Moran’s 9-year-old daughter Maddy was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease three years ago. The doctor told her family that she would need a kidney transplant. Maddy was on dialysis because she was waiting for a living donor transplant. Constant surveillance meant that Maddy had limits to what she could do, including outdoor excursions in class.

Jessica didn’t match because the two weren’t the same blood type.

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“(It) was pretty devastating to me. I really wanted to donate my organs to her,” she said.

Maddy has a picture of organ donor John Ray.

Jessica Moran

A photo of Maddy being hospitalized in 2017.

A photo of Maddy being hospitalized in 2017.

Jessica Moran

After two years and several failures, Maddy was put on the deceased’s donor list in hopes of accelerating the process.

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“So, towards the end of dialysis, you know, (it) didn’t work that well with dialysis … and we decided it was time to look for a dead donor,” Jessica said. I did.

“I wanted her to get a transplant before things got a little out of hand … I’m definitely scared of trying to recover during a pandemic. If I get sick, I’m always worried about immunosuppression. There is. “

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Jessica received a call from Alberta Children’s Hospital in September and soon learned that Maddy’s life would change forever.

“At that moment I knew this would be my third attraction. This is … I was really thinking about my family. And I am very grateful that they decided to donate the organs of their loved ones. “She said.

The story of Barbara and John

Barbara Ray received the call early in the morning of August. She said she still vividly remembers the day.

“My son was kicked out with his girlfriend to Nelson, British Columbia on August 22nd … he had a very bad accident and was flown from Nelson to Kelowna early in the morning of the 23rd. There was a phone call. We went to Kelowna, where we met an ICU doctor, “she recalled.

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“It was said that Johnny had a 97% chance of getting sick with a head injury. So for two weeks he was in a coma. We were for him on September 5th at 14:14. He was there until, and he was declared brain dead. “

Like his mother, John was signing up to become an organ donor. When he died, he gave life to others.

“I signed the donor card in 1982. It was always very close to my heart and important. Just because Johnny couldn’t live, others benefited from his organs. It doesn’t mean you can’t get it, “she said. ..

“Johnny was able to donate the heart, liver and two kidneys, saving four lives.”

John Ray's dateless photo.

John Ray’s dateless photo.

Barbara Ray

If you’re lucky, a Facebook post sharing the news that Maddy will receive a life-saving transplant somehow arrived at Barbara.

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Alberta Health Services did not ask the two mothers if John’s organs had been transplanted to Maddy due to privacy concerns, but Barbara and Jessica said they already knew.

“Someone commented (on Facebook) and they said their friend died the same day. And I thought it was crazy. So I contacted this girl who commented. And I ended up finding Barb through a few different people, “Jessica said.

“We were connected by text and soon became a family, as we knew each other for the rest of our lives. It was so surreal that the power of social media united us. It was a really great experience.”

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The two compared blood types, dates and times and said they knew they were connected. “There is no other way. It was impossible.”

Jessica, Maddy and Barbara share this year's photo.

Jessica, Maddy and Barbara share this year’s photo.

Jessica Moran

Formerly strangers, the two now share an unbreakable bond.

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“I know the fact that my son’s blood is passing through her because it was in her kidneys when my son’s blood entered her. It makes me feel better because Johnny is there,” Barbara said. Said.

“(Muddy) was so nice to be around and nothing but love and warmth to me. When I break down, I sometimes understand (it) is difficult, but now Muddy is of quality You have a chance to live a high life.

“I can’t express how grateful I am. I always talk to her. We talk regularly so she knows how I feel about it … You will never really meet the other side, so it’s really great that we can get together and share our experiences, “Jessica said.

“If the next time (if you’re driving) the registry can decide whether to donate or enter the room, check it out. Discuss and discuss with everyone you know and why it’s important. Please.

“You can change someone’s life, and no doubt Maddy is one of those people.”

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Calgary’s mother encourages organ donation after a kidney transplant saves a young girl’s life-Calgary

Source link Calgary’s mother encourages organ donation after a kidney transplant saves a young girl’s life-Calgary

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